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90 Day Total Health Transformation Package

The human is a self healing, self regulating machine. Without proper function and fuel, acute conditions become chronic leading to degeneration. With proper function and fuel the body will take care of itself.

Muscle = Health

The body needs the proper environment to self heal and self regulate. That environment can be determined by the percentage of body fat a person has.

Men = 18% or less

Women = 25% or less

The more muscle you have the healthier you will be, now and in the future.

The 90 Day Total Health Transformation creates that environment!

90 Day Health Transformation Package Includes:

Put out the Fire...Ignite the Flame- 30 day anti-inflammatory cleanse-build-burn diet and exercise book

197 anti-inflammatory recipes book

Medical Wellness Exam

6 Nutritional IV Therapies

12 Weight loss injections

All supplements

39 workouts- free training at our facility

4 In Body Scans- Measures total body composition (body fat percentage, skeletal muscle mass, BMI, basal metabolic rate and more)

6 in office workshops

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