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12 item. Algebra. 10 item. Algebra II. 9 item. Computer Science. 8 item. Computer Science for Teachers. 7 item. Education. 7 item. Educational Testing. 6 item. Precalculus. 6 item. Precalculus Algebra 1. 5 item. Precalculus Algebra 2. 5 item. Precalculus Calculus. 5 item. Precalculus Math Analysis. 5 item. Precalculus Statistics. 5 item. Geometry. 5 item. Geometry Algebra 1. 5 item. Geometry Algebra 2. 5 item. Geometry Precalculus. 5 item. Geometry Statistics. 5 item. Statistics Algebra. 4 item. Statistics Calculus. 4 item. Statistics Math Analysis. 4 item. Statistics Precalculus. 4 item. Statistics Statistics for Teachers. 4 item. Statistics The function of a note is to convey the actual idea of a musical phrase or a musical idea. It is an essential part of music. What makes a note? Can we feel the music? So, how do we perceive notes? How to distinguish a staff from a computer keyboard? Can we have a picture of music written in a computer? Can we convey music through a computer? Now we have to know the keyboard notations. We have given examples of music notations. Can we know how to convert a staff to notes? How to convert notes to a staff? How can we be sure that we are using the correct notes? Why there are some notes in music staff and some notes on a computer keyboard? What is a staff? Which staff is used for singing? What is a ledger line? How to convert a staff to computer keyboard? Can we use a staff to represent musical notation? How can we use a music staff to represent a musical phrase? Can you explain in details why we cannot directly convert a staff to a computer keyboard? In this section, we will try to understand the connection between computer keyboard notations and the music staff. What is a musical staff? How many staffs are there? Converting a computer keyboard notation to a staff Music staff and computer keyboard notations Can we use a computer keyboard notation



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